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12:51 pm Icinga 2 Bug #5667: Crash in icinga::ClusterListener::MessageHandler
I have not seen it again, this happend with a 3 node full mesh configuration which we don't use anymore. So either it...


09:05 am Icinga 2 Bug #5667 (Closed): Crash in icinga::ClusterListener::MessageHandler
*** glibc detected *** /usr/sbin/icinga2: free(): corrupted unsorted chunks: 0x00007feac801a4d0 ***
======= Backtrac...


12:47 pm Icinga 2 Bug #5559 (Closed): Exception in boost::thread_group::create_thread
* Application version: jenkins-DIST=wheezy-7
* Installation root: /usr
* Sysconf directory: /etc
* Local stat...


01:24 pm Icinga 2 Bug #3575 (Resolved): make dist-* does not include lib/config/config_parser.h
When I run make dist-gzip the resulting tar.gz does not include lib/config/config_parser.h. Automake seems to automat...


09:43 pm Core Revision 9bbfcdb8: rpmlint cleanup
09:34 pm Core Revision bbd5284b: Merge branch 'r1.3' of into r1.3
09:33 pm Core Revision c04dc51a: rpmlint cleanup
09:03 pm IDOUtils Bug #1267: Ido2db init script throws an error if stopped while not running
What exactly is the problem?...
08:55 pm Core Bug #1416: icinga.passwd in wrong location
Got any proposal where to put it instead?
For fedora/redhat/centos this is totally ok as the main config does "Incl...


04:57 pm Core Feature #1008: Dependency based boot sqeuence
From LSB:
_facilities which, if present, should be available during startup of this service. This allows for weak ...

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