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11846Icinga 2BugNewNormalEmpty Zone object string causes Windows Agent to go crazyConfiguration
11845DirectorBugNewNormalWindows agent checks are attempted locally instead remotely if services are applied to host instead to host template
11844DirectorBugNewNormalWindows agent checks are attempted locally instead remotely if services are applied to host instead to host template
11843DirectorBugNewNormalMissing Permission Objects in Configuration Menu
11842DirectorBugAssignedNormalnotification_apply.conf and notification_templates.conf don't get deployedtgelf
11841DirectorFeatureNewNormalDisplay hostname on the "Deployments" page instead of the ip address
11840DirectorBugNewNormalAdd set_if macros as filed is not possible
11839DirectorFeatureNewNormalAdd "Comment" field to config deployments
11838Icinga Web 2BugNewLowUse a slower and more secure hash algorithm than MD5 for password hashingAuthentication & Authorization
11836chef-icinga2BugNewNormalPerfdataWriter library nil bug
11835Icinga Web 2FeatureNewNormalAdd clear button in search fieldUI
11834chef-icinga2FeatureNewNormalAdd lwrp envendpoint / envzone lwrp for environment resource
11833Icinga 2BugNewNormalDoes not validate certificates by sub-CAsAPI
11831Icinga Web parsing fails in case a description is missing or not the last entrylippserModules
11830WebBugNewNormalDuplicate entries in history of service
11829DirectorBugNewNormalTrying to set invalid director_job key "timeperiod_id". DB schema change?
11828Icinga 2FeatureNewNormalDocumentation review (part 2)hejDocumentation
11827DirectorBugNewNormalData type "Number" is rendered as "String"tgelf
11826DirectorBugNewNormalremoving data(list|field) does not work
11824GraphiteFeatureNewNormalicingaweg2-module-graphite feature request
11821Icinga Web 2SupportFeedbackNormalicingaweb2/setup page is blank after new installdewsyuffInstallation
11820Icinga Web 2FeatureFeedbackNormalinclude check if choosen locals are availablelippserConfiguration
11818DirectorFeatureNewNormalAbility to add "icon_image" to "template Host"
11815Icinga Web 2FeatureFeedbackLowProvide syslog / logrotate configuration for Icinga Web 2widhalmtDocumentation
11813DirectorFeatureNewNormaladd scrollbar to import source preview

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