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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category
12800DirectorBugNewNormalAll arguments are not visible in field section for memory command
12796chef-icinga2BugNewNormaldisable classic_ui by default
12794chef-icinga2BugNewNormaladd db port to ido schema load
12793Icinga 2BugNewNormalUnnecessary notifications when service becomes reachableNotifications
12776Icinga Web 2BugNewNormalBug in exportings PDFs
12774Icinga Web 2BugNewNormalLot's of <span style="visibility:hidden; display:none;">​</span> in Output
12770DirectorBugNewNormalIf-else statement
12769Icinga Web 2 ModulesBugNewNormalMake icingacli ignore proxy settings
12768Icinga 2BugNewNormalUNKNOWN notifications ignore retry_interval and max_check_attemptsNotifications
12765Icinga 2BugNewNormalIcinga 2.5.4 crashed on SLES12.1libbase
12762Icinga 2BugNewNormalAdd a radius CheckCommand for the radius check provide by nagios-plugins
12761Icinga Web 2BugNewNormalOverdue Checks ignore timeperiodMonitoring
12760Icinga Web 2BugNewHighDo not log exceptions other than those resulting in a HTTP 500 status-codeFramework
12757Icinga 2BugNewNormalIcinga Crash non-reproducible
12756Icinga 2BugNewNormalStopping Icinga2 client freezes the server
12751Icinga 2BugNewNormalDummy object not honoring check_interval/retry_intervalChecker
12748Icinga Web 2BugNewNormalCustom menu: Referencing an built-in menu item throws ugly exception
12746Icinga 2BugNewNormalNotifications are send out too late if service outage happens out of notification periodNotifications
12726Icinga 2BugNewNormalNumeric values and quotesConfiguration
12725Icinga 2BugNewNormallogrotation for mainlogDocumentation
12723Icinga Web 2BugNewHighAllowed memory size exhausted when exporting the history view to CSVPrint & Export
12722Icinga 2BugNewNormalGelfWriter with enable_send_perfdata breaks checksPerfdata
12721Icinga Web 2 ModulesBugNewNormalDoc: escaped underscore (markdown) brakes search
12719DirectorBugNewNormalNumbers in assign statements are interpreted as constants
12711DirectorBugNewNormalread only rigth settings in Icingaweb for Director do not avoid write access

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