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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category
6059Icinga Web 2FeatureNewNormalWarn about unsaved changes when leaving formsConfiguration Forms
6057Icinga 2FeatureNewNormaladd action_url, notes_url, notes for *Group objectlibicinga
6055Icinga Web 2BugNewNormalINI writer does not preserve section orderConfiguration
6052Icinga 2BugNewNormalNotificationFilter should be state filterlibicinga
6050AgentFeatureNewNormalSet Icinga service to start automatically
6048AgentFeatureNewNormalValidate certificate bundlesgunnarbeutner
6047DB IDOBugNewNormalchange {x,y}_2d to double
6046IDOUtilsFeatureNewNormal2d_coords should be double
6045Icinga Web 2FeatureNewNormalSolve view helper inconsistenciesFramework
6040DocsBugNewNormalwrong CHANGE_RETRY_HOST_CHECK_INTERVAL parametersCore
6039DocsBugNewLowwrong note on ADD_HOST_COMMENTCore
6038Icinga Web 2BugNewNormalLogging configuration not workingConfiguration Forms
6023CoreBugNewHight/json_checker/JSON_checker_lib.c is non-distributablericardoOther
6022CoreBugNewHighPlease update libtapdnsmichiOther
6017Icinga 2FeatureNewNormalNaming: check_command VS command
6016Icinga Web 2BugNewNormalInvalid default configuration for vagrantVagrant VM
6012PluginsFeatureNewNormaladd kernel check example
6005Icinga 2BugNewNormalicinga2-ido-* packages don't trigger dbconfig-common setuplazyfroschPackages
6004Icinga 2BugNewNormalREADME mentions INSTALL file (invalid for packages)Packages
6001WebBugNewNormalCall to a member function get() on a non-object in NsmUser.php when saving preferences
5997DocumentationBugNewNormalBuild *.rst files in the build directory instead of the source dir
5995Icinga 2BugNewNormalDon't use color codes when running in a terminal that doesn't support themlibbase
5989Icinga Web 2BugNewNormalUnserialization of configuration schema failedDetail View
5984Icinga Web 2FeatureNewNormalThere should be a way to reset the dashboard to the default settingsConfiguration
5982Icinga Web 2BugNewNormalConfig files shouldn't have the +x bitConfiguration
5981Icinga Web 2BugNewNormalGrammar mistake in the "Process Info" viewMonitoring
5980Icinga 2BugNewNormalDon't allow "managed" downtimes to be deleted by userslibicinga
5977Icinga Web 2BugNewNormalPerformance data is in GermanMonitoring
5973Icinga Web 2BugNewNormalPerfdata helper cannot handle invalid performance dataViews
5967Icinga Web 2BugNewNormalAutomatically submitting form elements can cause a controller to process the formConfiguration Forms
5966LivestatusBugNewNormalquery exception on missing newline terminator
5965Classic UIFeatureNewLowAppend &sortoption=2&sorttype=1 to link to "service status detail" links or add sort options to cgi.cfgInterface
5958Icinga Web 2BugNewNormalINI writer property deletion not workingConfiguration
5951Icinga 2BugNewLowfd-handling in Daemonize incorrectgvegidy
5949Icinga Web 2BugNewNormalcli --format output brokenCLI
5938Icinga 2FeatureNewNormalallow to clone other hosts/services' state instead of check_commandConfiguration
5937LivestatusFeatureNewLowtest host comments with joins
5935CoreBugNewLowIcinga configuration check gives no infoConfiguration
5933Icinga 2FeatureNewNormalevaluate command conditionalsConfiguration
5930Icinga 2FeatureNewLowConfigurable permissions for perfdata filesConfiguration
5927Icinga 2FeatureNewNormalevaluate same command namespace for Event/Notification/CheckCommand
5916PuppetBugNewNormalTwisted > 13.1.0 breaks graphite carbondnsmichigraphite
5912Icinga 2FeatureNewHighforbid host/service_name changes in apply expressionConfiguration
5909Icinga 2FeatureNewHighConfiguration changesConfiguration
5903Icinga Web 2FeatureNewNormalView Icinga 2 cluster infomrationMonitoring
5900Classic UIFeatureNewLowAdding alias to title in host/service overviewricardoInterface
5899CompatFeatureNewHighexport notification object in legacy interfacesdnsmichi
5896Icinga Web 2BugNewNormalIcinga Web 2 with postgresql as ido backend
5894Icinga 2FeatureNewNormalDebugInfo should contain the file's mtimeConfiguration
5886Classic UIBugNewNormalstatus.cgi fails in creative ways when sorting on "All Unhandled Problems"Status

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