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12068DirectorBugNewNormalScripts accepting arguments only with equals sign not working
12066DirectorFeatureNewNormalIcinga 2 Deployment errors assistant - what needs to be done in Director forms?
12065Icinga Web 2BugNewNormalIniRepository: update/delete not possible with iteratorFramework
12064ElasticsearchBugNewNormalEvent search produces invalid URLs
12063DirectorBugNewNormalSegmentation fault on render since commit 57656f8 from Jun 16, 2016
12062Icinga Web 2BugNewNormalicinga CLi shows Icinga module wirh no versionCLI
12061Icinga 2FeatureNewNormaldb2_health command configurationITL
12060DirectorBugNewNormalOnly add custom vars to host if not empty
12059DirectorBugNewNormalProblems with Import/Sync of Services (purging + renaming not working)
12058Business ProcessBugNewNormal Mixing operators is not allowed
12057Icinga Web 2FeatureNewNormalSharing navigation for user rolesNavigation
12055DirectorBugNewNormalCustom variables vanish on service apply once not beeing used
12054DirectorBugNewNormalAdding/Editing custom vars for hosts not possible
12053DirectorBugNewNormalJob for config deployment not working
12049DirectorBugNewNormalDisabling a host should also disable its services
12048Icinga 2BugNewNormalIDO is switching in a cluster each minuteDB IDO
12042Icinga 2FeatureNewNormalAPI should provide CORS HeaderAPI
12040Icinga 2FeatureNewNormalNo support for storage technologies like gluster, ceph , ...ITL
12035Icinga 2BugNewNormalErrors in config are not populated to the parent
12034DirectorFeatureNewNormalBusiness Process
12033DirectorFeatureNewNormalNested Apply-Rules
12032DirectorBugNewNormalService template change -> can't deploy without changing apply rule
12028DirectorFeatureNewNormalImport NotificationCommand from CoreAPI
12025Icinga 2BugNewNormalApply rule in zone affects other zonesConfiguration
12023DirectorFeatureNewNormalsync rule to assign host to multiple groups
12020Icinga 2FeatureNewNormalDecide whether to use strings or constants for state/type filters in the documentationDocumentation
12019Icinga Web 2BugNewNormalContact View shows service filters with 'Downtime' even if not setMonitoring
12017Icinga 2FeatureNewNormalAnalyse UPDATE queries for index usageDB IDO
12015DirectorBugNewNormalDeleted a custom variable in template but its still there
12014DirectorBugNewNormalError during service-operations in director cli (icingacli director service show)
12013DirectorFeatureNewNormalDatafield doesn't allow floating point values
12011Icinga 2BugNewNormalIDO: Unable to store data into database in large environmentsDB IDO
12009DirectorSupportNewNormalGroup Membership destination field
12001DirectorBugNewNormalHost custom variable cut at 1024 characters
11999DirectorBugNewNormalNotificationS: Assignment rules for services
11997Icinga Web 2BugNewNormalGenerated URLs get cut off after 254 bytes
11995DirectorFeatureNewNormalAllow horizontal size increase of Import Source DB Query field
11994Icinga 2BugNewNormalglobal_templates not working when enabling laterCluster
11989Icinga 2BugNewLow Exception handling of "Cannot process passive service check result for non-existent service"
11988DirectorBugNewNormalChecks not executed at satellite zone
11987DirectorBugNewNormalCustom variable assignment in host template is inherited but cannot be overridden by assignment in host
11986DirectorBugNewNormalPHP error in host pane after applying changes and selecting another host
11985DirectorFeatureNewNormalImprove Host and Service filters
11984DirectorFeatureNewNormalFilter view for manually created/synced commands
11983DirectorFeatureNewNormalAllow to define global constants
11982DirectorFeatureNewNormalAllow admins to define global Icinga 2 functions
11979DirectorBugNewNormalDeploy to master sometimes hangs
11978DirectorFeatureNewNormalAllow to revert all changes related to a single sync run
11976DirectorFeatureNewNormalAssign for
11974NagVisBugNewNormalURL /nagvis/show/map was not found on this server.

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