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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category
8591Business ProcessFeatureNewNormalProvide basic permissions
8589Business ProcessFeatureNewNormalIntroduce a new node type: FilteredObjectsNode
8588Business ProcessFeatureNewNormalProcess views should be filterable
8586Business ProcessFeatureNewNormalAdd a config switch for external_info, disabled per default
8585Business ProcessFeatureNewNormalProvide a "database" storage
8580Business ProcessBugNewNormalTry to base logic on "severity" from the monitoring module
8579Business ProcessBugNewNormalRe-organize links and parameters
8578Business ProcessFeatureNewNormalProvide an easy way to upload/download process definitionstgelf
8577Business ProcessFeatureNewNormalIt should be possible to add business processes to the dashboardtgelf
8576Business ProcessFeatureNewNormalProvide a friendly welcome page
8573Business ProcessFeatureNewNormalBusiness Impact of single objects
8570Business ProcessFeatureNewNormalGraphical process editor
8569Business ProcessBugNewNormalHandle collapsed state of multiple trees
8468chef-icinga2BugAssignedNormalSELinux context for "/etc/icingaweb2" for icingaweb2vkhatri
8421chef-icinga2FeatureNewNormalcomplete kitchen test inegration on ubuntu vkhatri
7785Core, Classic UI, IDOUtilsBugNewNormalnext valid time on day of DST change when clocks go one hour backwards
6227Core, Classic UI, IDOUtilsFeatureNewLowdo not send recovery mails in downtime window
3724Core, Classic UI, IDOUtilsFeatureNewLowicinga.spec: global macros for paths
4908Core, Classic UI, IDOUtilsFeatureNewNormalExtending Service/Host Acknowledge with expiration dateAcknowledgements
7277Core, Classic UI, IDOUtilsBugFeedbackNormalreload while check executing causes immediate DOWN;HARD, skipping remaining attemptsmckslimCheck Results
4734Core, Classic UI, IDOUtilsBugFeedbackNormalWrongly calculated last_hard_state on service if host ist downCheck Results
2661Core, Classic UI, IDOUtilsBugFeedbackNormalCPU Load and Committed Memory increasing when large number of hosts is not reachableCheck Scheduling
1782Core, Classic UI, IDOUtilsBugFeedbackNormalIcinga forgets to schedule non-24x7 checksCheck Scheduling
8430Core, Classic UI, IDOUtilsBugFeedbackNormalClassic UI fails to display Host Commands panelbarry.quielClassic UI
8130Core, Classic UI, IDOUtilsBugNewNormalWrong values for percent_* when using hostgroup in availability reportClassic UI
7999Core, Classic UI, IDOUtilsBugFeedbackNormalClassic UI time/calendar entry sets hour to "HH" as soon as you click in the box, and slider doesn't updatedoconeillClassic UI
6831Core, Classic UI, IDOUtilsBugNewLowAttribute-based authorization doesn't work wellClassic UI
6146Core, Classic UI, IDOUtilsFeatureFeedbackNormalimprove search by make the fields searched configurableClassic UI
8046Core, Classic UI, IDOUtilsFeatureAssignedNormalRe-enabling external commandsricardoCommands
6480Core, Classic UI, IDOUtilsBugFeedbackNormalIntermittent command file latency after Icinga reloadCommands
3899Core, Classic UI, IDOUtilsBugNewNormalOccasional error in external command buffer handling on reload with non-default external_command_buffer_slots settingCommands
3175Core, Classic UI, IDOUtilsFeatureAssignedLowAdd command "Acknowledge problem for this host and its services"ricardoCommands
7103Core, Classic UI, IDOUtilsFeatureNewNormalserviceescalation that applies to all services in the systemConfiguration
5879Core, Classic UI, IDOUtilsBugFeedbackNormalmk_livestatus won't bring up its unix socketABauerEvent Broker
8007Core, Classic UI, IDOUtilsFeatureAssignedNormalImplement an option to disable transactionslazyfroschIDOUtils
5696Core, Classic UI, IDOUtilsBugFeedbackLowDefault database encoding auto results in broken unicode in databaselazyfroschIDOUtils
1901Core, Classic UI, IDOUtilsFeatureAssignedLowinitscript: ido2db status should tell hown many processes are running (1 parent, 1 child, etc)AssafIDOUtils
3586Core, Classic UI, IDOUtilsBugAssignedNormalState based escalation and RECOVERYprism1Notifications
2921Core, Classic UI, IDOUtilsFeatureAssignedHighadd full selinux supportshkPackaging
2613Core, Classic UI, IDOUtilsFeatureFeedbackNormalenhance solaris packagingcrfriendPackaging
8141Core, Classic UI, IDOUtilsFeatureNewNormalOptimized Freshness CheckingPerformance
6814DocsFeatureAssignedUrgentconvert existing docbook to markdownWolfgang
4052DocsBugAssignedLowinstall updates for debian backports change with wheezylazyfrosch
3906DocsFeatureAssignedLowmonitoring overview and beginners should contain references to: addons (config tools, etc), web guis (classic ui, web)Wolfgang
3263DocsFeatureNewNormalrevamp/enhance advice for beginners guide
2161DocsBugAssignedNormalremove content of errors section in icinga-web and link to wikiWolfgang
1178DocsFeatureFeedbackHighre-organize quickstart guides
5069DocsBugAssignedNormalrename "the cgis" into "classic ui", restructure "user interfaces"WolfgangClassic UI
3235DocsBugAssignedNormalCGI params tablecroftClassic UI
8376DocsBugNewNormalUpdate documentation for the SCHEDULE_HOST_SVC_DOWNTIME commandCore
6866DocsFeatureNewNormalupdate documentation for systemd usageCore
3914DocsBugAssignedNormaluse_timezone documentation is incorrectricardoCore
8009DocsFeatureNewNormalDocument the use_transactions optionWolfgangIDOUtils
5558DocsFeatureNewNormalre-organize icinga web installWeb
1938DocsFeatureNewNormalDescription of the User Preferences Advanced parametersWeb
1056DocsFeatureFeedbackNormalUser/Group/Authorisation-Concept of Icinga-WebcroftWeb
3237Icinga 1.xBugNewNormalError in latest Icinga Web 1.7.1 from backports debian repo
2607Icinga 1.xBugNewLowInstallation of the Icinga-Reporting with JasperServer
2551Icinga 1.xFeatureNewNormalcreate a sanitycheck script for troubleshootingFrankstar
2532Icinga 1.xFeatureNewNormalenhance tests for all projects
2517Icinga 1.xSupportAssignedNormalcreate a bug report template/scriptFrankstar
2476Icinga 1.xSupportNewLowadd .mailmap file to merge different authors
2157Icinga 1.xFeatureFeedbackNormalFull Icinga Configuration through Webinterface
2129Icinga 1.xFeatureNewNormalmake icinga-doc.git a seperated tar.gz
2011Icinga 1.xFeatureFeedbackNormal[RFC] define strong encoding guidelines / rules
1710Icinga 1.xFeatureNewNormalgit nightly builds
8558Icinga 2BugNewNormalicinga2 not installed properly
8552Icinga 2BugNewNormalEventCommand not working in Windows
8551Icinga 2BugNewNormalIcinga restart creates stacktrace
8545Icinga 2BugNewNormalIcinga does not close all file descriptors
8540Icinga 2BugNewNormalKill signal sent only to check process, not whole process group
8514Icinga 2BugFeedbackNormalAPI client not reconnectingjeunito
8250Icinga 2FeatureNewNormalupdate node config should send attributes like vars
8213Icinga 2BugNewNormalHA-Setup with update-config
8161Icinga 2FeatureAssignedNormalStatusDataWriter needs a 'perms' parameterlazyfrosch
8035Icinga 2FeatureNewNormaldefault Object settings, global, file, directory based
7922Icinga 2BugNewNormallivestatus large amount of submitting unix socket command results in broken pipes messages
7796Icinga 2FeatureNewNormalAdd the /Gm (minimal rebuild) flag to debug builds on Windows
7768Icinga 2FeatureNewNormalMove I2_DEBUG flag to config.h
7703Icinga 2FeatureNewNormalUse clang-format to format the source code in a uniform way
7578Icinga 2FeatureNewLowAdd header files to CMake sources list
7456Icinga 2FeatureNewNormalCall x::exceptions for all fstreams
7201Icinga 2FeatureNewNormalCheck for expiry date of cluster certificates
7198Icinga 2FeatureNewNormalShow summary of errors / warnings at the end of the config check
6754Icinga 2BugNewLowmultiline usage in Icinga 2 config breaks icinga-classic-ui
6683Icinga 2FeatureNewNormalExplain the dependency consideration in the output
6566Icinga 2BugNewLowCIB::CalculateServiceStats should be cached
5927Icinga 2FeatureNewNormalevaluate same command namespace for Event/Notification/CheckCommand
5463Icinga 2FeatureNewLowNotification triggers should be more sensitive
8117Icinga 2BugFeedbackNormalAgent checks fail when there's already a host with the same nameDreiITAgent
8116Icinga 2FeatureNewNormalExtend Windows installer with an update modeAgent
7880Icinga 2BugNewNormalError in updating Agent configuration using zone config syncAgent
7710Icinga 2FeatureNewNormalReimplement the Windows wizard using wxWidgetsAgent
7527Icinga 2FeatureNewNormalWindows Wizard: Add support for certificate files (no auto-signing mode)gunnarbeutnerAgent
7523Icinga 2FeatureNewLowMake usage output overridableAgent
7521Icinga 2FeatureNewNormalWindows wizard should ask for master/local zone namesgunnarbeutnerAgent
7507Icinga 2BugNewNormalWindows wizard tries to do CSR auto-signing when setting up a mastergunnarbeutnerAgent
8492Icinga 2BugNewNormalCrash in CheckerComponent::CheckThreadProcChecker
8137Icinga 2FeatureNewNormalMaximum concurrent service checksChecker

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