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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category
8582PNP4NagiosFeatureNewNormalRender PNP detail graphs without rendering the full iFrame
8583PNP4NagiosFeatureNewNormalCreate "zoom in popup" window
5831puppet-icinga2FeatureNewNormalIcinga 2.x modules for RHEL, SUSE, Debian
7231puppet-icinga2FeatureNewNormalAdd an ApiListener object to the Icinga 2 Puppet modulenick
7233puppet-icinga2FeatureNewNormalAdd a Zone object to the Icinga 2 Puppet modulenick
7236puppet-icinga2FeatureNewNormalCreate icinga2::server class parameter list in Icinga 2 Puppet module READMEnick
7237puppet-icinga2FeatureNewNormalCreate icinga2::nrpe class parameter list in Icinga 2 Puppet module READMEnick
7238puppet-icinga2FeatureNewNormalInclude optional creation of Postgres IDO connection object in Icinga 2 Puppet modulenick
7239puppet-icinga2FeatureNewNormalInclude optional creation of MySQL IDO connection object in Icinga 2 Puppet modulenick
7713puppet-icinga2FeatureNewNormalAdd hiera supportnick
8218puppet-icinga2FeatureNewNormalCheckcommand source inlinenick
8217puppet-icinga2FeatureNewNormalAdd inline checkplugin file distribution methodnick
8796puppet-icinga2FeatureNewNormalImplement logrotate handling
8855puppet-icinga2BugNewNormalDocumentation Requirement of facter version 2.2
4511ReportingBugNewNormaltelling 100% down if no data is found
4325ReportingBugNewNormalWrong calculations in availability reports with scheduled downtimes
4630ReportingBugNewNormalSQL-Statement in Sub-Template "Contactgroups" doesn't work
4719ReportingBugNewNormalicinga-reports empty if the host has no services defined
5560ReportingSupportNewNormaldeprecate availability report parser
5630ReportingBugNewNormalReport is showing 100% down, if no state change occurs in selected timeframe
7026ReportingBugNewNormalScheduling Dropdown Menus too narrow to read
7912ReportingFeatureNewNormalNew timerange "last 25 hours"
8174ReportingBugNewHighAvailability function doesn't treat warning states as non-issue
3453WebBugNewLowcustom category: unable to edit attributes
2453WebFeatureNewNormalFilter for Services with Host-Downtime in Unhandled Service Problems

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