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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category
11984DirectorFeatureNewNormalFilter view for manually created/synced commands
11985DirectorFeatureNewNormalImprove Host and Service filters
11995DirectorFeatureNewNormalAllow horizontal size increase of Import Source DB Query field
12013DirectorFeatureNewNormalDatafield doesn't allow floating point values
12023DirectorFeatureNewNormalsync rule to assign host to multiple groups
12028DirectorFeatureNewNormalImport NotificationCommand from CoreAPI
12034DirectorFeatureNewNormalBusiness Process
12066DirectorFeatureNewNormalIcinga 2 Deployment errors assistant - what needs to be done in Director forms?
12083DirectorFeatureNewNormal"Assign where": why is there no "host.groups" in "host properties"?
12087DirectorFeatureNewNormalShow usage of Command and Services/Apply rules
12093DirectorFeatureNewNormalData Field - Dictionary type/nested variable currently not possible
12138DirectorFeatureNewNormalcreate and modify scheduled downtimes with director
12145DirectorFeatureNewNormalValue type "constants" in command arguments
12158DirectorFeatureNewNormalNotification to Template
12183DirectorFeatureNewNormalProvide sync for existing commands/zones/endpoints out of the box
12185DirectorFeatureNewNormalAssing multiple hostgroups with a sync rule
12212DirectorFeatureNewNormalSimpler import or example data
12220DirectorFeatureNewNormalIcon selector
12232DirectorFeatureNewNormalTemplate-Tree(s) should be initialized with root templates
12233DirectorFeatureNewNormalSupport for data type "directory" when creating data fields
12238DirectorFeatureNewNormalclone functionality for sync-rules
12264DirectorFeatureNewNormalAllow to render legacy config
12268DirectorFeatureNewNormalGuidance for setting up new satellite systems
12272DirectorFeatureNewNormalImport of nested (host)groups
12325DirectorFeatureNewNormalInitial Icinga 2 setup guide

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