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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category
12183DirectorFeatureNewNormalProvide sync for existing commands/zones/endpoints out of the box
12185DirectorFeatureNewNormalAssing multiple hostgroups with a sync rule
12212DirectorFeatureNewNormalSimpler import or example data
12220DirectorFeatureNewNormalIcon selector
12232DirectorFeatureNewNormalTemplate-Tree(s) should be initialized with root templates
12233DirectorFeatureNewNormalSupport for data type "directory" when creating data fields
12238DirectorFeatureNewNormalclone functionality for sync-rules
12264DirectorFeatureNewNormalAllow to render legacy config
12268DirectorFeatureNewNormalGuidance for setting up new satellite systems
12272DirectorFeatureNewNormalImport of nested (host)groups
12325DirectorFeatureNewNormalInitial Icinga 2 setup guide
12440DirectorFeatureNewNormalFetch the client ticket number from the REST API action
12445DirectorFeatureNewNormalSupport the new Icinga2 2.5.0 TimePeriod object features
12465DirectorFeatureNewNormaladd imports (templates) on multiple hosts at once
12476DirectorFeatureNewNormalAdd "Include <windows-plugins>" to Windows Kickstart Script
12502DirectorFeatureNewNormalSync property rule: allow setting imports on hosts once on creation
12520DirectorFeatureNewNormalImplement API-version-based behaviour
12524DirectorFeatureNewNormalImport of Hosts and properties.. - Custom Variables (Fields) - But not editable later?
12546DirectorFeatureNewNormalAllow to override applied service vars at host level
12547DirectorFeatureNewNormalConsider "disabling Director" with pending schema changes
11547DirectorFeatureAssignedNormalDocument global zone requirementtgelf
11690DirectorFeatureAssignedNormalAdd code folding directly in preview after the creation of a new configurationtgelf
11854DirectorFeatureAssignedNormalmake the "deploy to master" link in the render config pane more prominenttgelf
12192DirectorFeatureAssignedNormalAdd modifier failure handler "ignore object" on import sourcestobiasvdk
12239DirectorFeatureAssignedNormalFilter Activity Logtgelf

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