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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category
9753DirectorBugNewNormalForms using _setting tables should override ALL of them
11588DirectorSupportNewNormalGeneration of NotificationCommands
9532DirectorFeatureNewNormalGeneric "parent group" implementation
11504DirectorBugNewNormalHost is not being created to the selected zone, and creates only in the master zone.
11451DirectorBugNewNormalHosts and services not getting imported
11460DirectorSupportNewNormalHow to use predefined check variables in director hosts / services / templates?
11787DirectorBugNewNormalIcinga 2 Agent Config Proposal is missing NscpPath constant
11536DirectorBugNewNormalIf arguments changed in command no deployment flag set
11780DirectorFeatureNewNormalImplement "magic" service group assignments
11581DirectorFeatureNewNormalImport complete Config from Core
9788DirectorFeatureNewNormalImport source for legacy Icinga 1.x / Nagios config
11511DirectorFeatureNewNormalImport usergroups
11361DirectorFeatureNewNormalImport/Sync possibility for timeperiod objects
11643DirectorSupportNewNormalImport: IP and DNS wanted
11602DirectorBugNewNormalImporting 2 Sets of Hosts from different LDAP's overwrite each other
11803DirectorBugNewNormalImports can be defined as infinite loopslazyfrosch
11554DirectorBugNewNormalImpossible to create custom commands with multiple skip_key arguments
11510DirectorBugNewNormalImpossible to provide empty parameter values to check command
11692DirectorBugNewNormalInherited fields are not removed from services when fields are remove from parent
11627DirectorFeatureAssignedNormalJob schedulingtgelf
11481DirectorBugNewNormalmissing licence-info
11614DirectorFeatureNewNormalMultiple select of h/s hg/sg ht/st
11685DirectorFeatureNewNormalPermit templates to define "cumulative" properties instead of overwriting them
11687DirectorFeatureNewNormalpreview result of apply rules in director
11788DirectorFeatureNewNormalProvide parent_host_name and parent_service_name

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