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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category
11602DirectorBugNewNormalImporting 2 Sets of Hosts from different LDAP's overwrite each other
11554DirectorBugNewNormalImpossible to create custom commands with multiple skip_key arguments
11510DirectorBugNewNormalImpossible to provide empty parameter values to check command
11692DirectorBugNewNormalInherited fields are not removed from services when fields are remove from parent
11627DirectorFeatureAssignedNormalJob schedulingtgelf
11481DirectorBugNewNormalmissing licence-info
11614DirectorFeatureNewNormalMultiple select of h/s hg/sg ht/st
11685DirectorFeatureNewNormalPermit templates to define "cumulative" properties instead of overwriting them
11687DirectorFeatureNewNormalpreview result of apply rules in director
11421DirectorBugNewNormalRenaming data fields because deleting them is not possible, but object holds now both values
11619DirectorBugFeedbackNormalSatellite Config causes re-defined Endpoint
11354DirectorBugNewNormalService Assign rule
11477DirectorBugNewNormalService templates cannot inherit custom properties or command-specific custom vars
11664DirectorFeatureNewNormalShow Versionnumber
11332DirectorFeatureNewNormalSupport dependencies
11576DirectorBugNewNormalUnable to assign timeperiod to notification
11416DirectorFeatureNewNormalUser friendly message when backend not running
11452DirectorBugAssignedNormalWorking with notificationstgelf
6814DocsFeatureAssignedNormalconvert existing docbook to markdownWolfgang
1938DocsFeatureNewNormalDescription of the User Preferences Advanced parametersWeb
4052DocsBugAssignedLowinstall updates for debian backports change with wheezylazyfrosch
9818DocsBugAssignedNormalstatus.dat gets lost when filesystem is too small for two copies of that fileWolfgangCore
11380ElasticsearchFeatureNewLowAdd a host view
11520ElasticsearchFeatureNewNormalAdd configuration pagelazyfrosch
11519ElasticsearchFeatureNewNormalDocker test/dev environmentlazyfrosch

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