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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category
12138DirectorFeatureNewNormalcreate and modify scheduled downtimes with director
12121DirectorBugAssignedNormalCustom Field Boolean overwrite in Service creation causes "y"tgelf
12094DirectorBugNewNormalcustom field with "-" in name must not be possible
11987DirectorBugNewNormalCustom variable assignment in host template is inherited but cannot be overridden by assignment in host
12055DirectorBugNewNormalCustom variables vanish on service apply once not beeing used
12093DirectorFeatureNewNormalData Field - Dictionary type/nested variable currently not possible
11514DirectorFeatureNewNormalData type ipv4/ipv6 for data fields
12013DirectorFeatureNewNormalDatafield doesn't allow floating point values
11512DirectorSupportFeedbackNormalDebugging-Function essener61
12015DirectorBugNewNormalDeleted a custom variable in template but its still there
12096DirectorBugNewNormaldeleted custom field do not delete values from objects
11979DirectorBugNewNormalDeploy to master sometimes hangs
12049DirectorBugNewNormalDisabling a host should also disable its services
11857DirectorBugNewNormaldisplay bug in Notification Menu
11841DirectorFeatureNewNormalDisplay hostname on the "Deployments" page instead of the ip address
11925DirectorFeatureNewNormalDo not allow Service States in Host Notifications
11547DirectorFeatureAssignedNormalDocument global zone requirementtgelf
10941DirectorFeatureNewNormalDocument how to work with custom variables
12075DirectorBugNewNormalEnabling flapping detection for services/hosts not possible
11799DirectorBugNewNormalError by re-defined objects
12014DirectorBugNewNormalError during service-operations in director cli (icingacli director service show)
11856DirectorBugNewNormalerror message appears when cloning an notification apply rule
9462DirectorBugNewNormalEvaluate using bigint for timestamps with msec support
12239DirectorFeatureNewNormalFilter Activity Log
11984DirectorFeatureNewNormalFilter view for manually created/synced commands

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