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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category
12429Icinga 2FeatureNewNormalMove command_endpoint-specific check functionality into a separate methodlibicinga
12427Icinga 2FeatureNewNormalAdd more CheckCommand definitionsITL
12420Icinga 2BugNewNormalIcinga fails with obscure "Function call failed" error message when first perfdata file rotation failsPerfdata
12419Icinga 2BugNewNormalDon't allow more than one IDO config objectgunnarbeutnerDB IDO
12415Icinga 2FeatureNewNormalImplement support for methods in mkclassgunnarbeutner
12414DirectorBugNewNormalSattelite node couldn't connect to master.
12413DirectorBugNewNormaldatafiel on hostdefinition is not shown
12410Icinga Web 2BugNewNormalClick on Host in Service Grid can cause "Invalid Filter" error
12405Icinga Web 2FeatureNewNormalReturn default value when url-parameter is emptyQA
12403NagVisFeatureNewNormalallow to add NagVis Maps to Dashboard
12400DirectorBugNewNormalUse of "repeat_key" in command object results in sending an additional empty element
12399Icinga ToolsBugNewNormalbundle OOM on 1s interval
12398Icinga Web 2FeatureNewNormalList of recently recovered services should not list services that went from OK to UNKNOWN and back to OKDashboard
12397Icinga 2FeatureNewNormalserialize checks
12396Icinga Web 2BugNewNormalHooks don't respect module permissionsAuthentication & Authorization
12394DirectorBugNewNormalDelete button seems to be broken
12388puppet-icinga2-rewriteFeatureNewNormalObject Zone
12387puppet-icinga2-rewriteFeatureNewNormalObject UserGroup
12385puppet-icinga2-rewriteFeatureNewNormalObject User
12384puppet-icinga2-rewriteFeatureNewNormalObject TimePeriod
12383puppet-icinga2-rewriteFeatureNewNormalObject ServiceGroup
12382puppet-icinga2-rewriteFeatureNewNormalObject Service
12381puppet-icinga2-rewriteFeatureNewNormalObject ScheduledDowntime
12380puppet-icinga2-rewriteFeatureNewNormalObject NotificationCommand
12379puppet-icinga2-rewriteFeatureNewNormalObject Notification

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