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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category
6174Icinga Web 2FeatureNewNormalPage layout for PDF export
6175Icinga Web 2BugNewNormalPie chart support in PDFs
6202Icinga Web 2BugNewNormalService list is empty
6252WebBugNewNormalpending host or pending service no details shown in web gui
6297WebFeatureNewNormalDelete Downtime for Service Groups
6331WebBugNewNormalnotification view shows host-notification as type=service
6398WebBugNewNormalAdmin->Tasks->Clear Cache results in fail of summary and performance view
6416WebBugNewNormalFilter for Status do not work in hostgroups and servicegroups view
6440icinga2-ansibleFeatureNewNormalAdd support for multi-ip
6441icinga2-ansibleFeatureNewNormalPing only group
6442icinga2-ansibleFeatureNewNormalAdd servicegroup generation
6443icinga2-ansibleFeatureNewNormalEvaluate support for i386
6445icinga2-ansibleFeatureNewNormalIcinga2 Cluster
6517WebBugNewNormalmodify /etc/icinga-web/conf.d/databases.xml from package icinga-web-pgsql-1.11.0-1.el6.noarch with psql defaults
6518WebBugNewNormalnotification cronk: long running mysql query with hostgroup restriction
6572Icinga Web 2FeatureNewNormalhost/service lists should allow one to show hard states
6578Icinga Web 2FeatureNewNormalInterpret/parse variables with variables as value
6582WebBugNewNormalsso auth provider causing not null constraint violation w/ pgsql 'user_email' column
6640Icinga Web 2BugNewNormalConfiguration for disabled modules
6683Icinga 2FeatureNewNormalExplain the dependency consideration in the output
6814DocsFeatureAssignedNormalconvert existing docbook to markdownWolfgang
6860WebBugNewNormalicinga-web-module-pnp not working for hosts, only for services
6907Icinga Web 2FeatureFeedbackNormalImplement SQL abstractiontgelf
6921WebBugNewNormalUncaught AppKitModelException after clear agavi configuration cache

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