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4165CoreFeatureNewLowconfigure/make: add git short hash to version if built from git
3804CoreFeatureNewLowIcinga should set the locals for the checks
4517CoreFeatureNewLowicinga.spec: different handling of ido2db.cfg in idoutils-libdbi-* packages
4680CoreBugNewNormalEvent Handler processing does not seem to recognize $HOSTADDRESS$
4738CoreBugNewLowmake/make clean doesn't work on case-insensitive file systemsricardo
5577DB IDOBugNewLowPostgreSQL string escapingPostgreSQL
5117DB IDOFeatureNewNormaladd config dump in progress to programstatus tablegunnarbeutner
5576DB IDOBugNewNormalConfig updates for custom vars fail when more than one DB connection is defined
6047DB IDOBugNewNormalchange {x,y}_2d to double
1938DocsFeatureNewNormalDescription of the User Preferences Advanced parametersWeb
4173DocsBugNewLowicinga web install does not mention database driver packagesWeb
5558DocsFeatureNewNormalre-organize icinga web installWeb
6039DocsBugNewLowwrong note on ADD_HOST_COMMENTCore
6040DocsBugNewNormalwrong CHANGE_RETRY_HOST_CHECK_INTERVAL parametersCore
2638DocsFeatureNewNormalDescription of the icinga-web credentials
3263DocsFeatureNewNormalrevamp/enhance advice for beginners guide
5868DocsBugNewNormaldrop all hints 'since version 1.7' and belowWolfgang
5474DocumentationFeatureNewNormaladd documentation about monitoring use cases with config examplesdnsmichi
5608DocumentationFeatureNewNormaladd documentation for livestatus featuresdnsmichi
5611DocumentationFeatureNewNormaladd troubleshooting best practices
5774DocumentationFeatureNewNormalReplace Sphinx with Icinga Web 2 Doc Module
5997DocumentationBugNewNormalBuild *.rst files in the build directory instead of the source dir
1710Icinga 1.xFeatureNewNormalgit nightly builds
2129Icinga 1.xFeatureNewNormalmake icinga-doc.git a seperated tar.gz
2476Icinga 1.xSupportNewLowadd .mailmap file to merge different authors

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