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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category
4312WebFeatureNewLowAdjustment of status colors between classic and web interfaceFramework
3519WebBugNewNormalUsing unix socket to connect databases: configure options don't workDatabase & Queries
4048WebBugFeedbackNormalnew restrictions and oracle: host and servicegroups weird (distinct) behaviourDatabase & Queries
5592WebBugNewNormalExcluded Customvars are shown in Filter ViewDatabase & Queries
5746WebBugNewNormaldrop slahistory query functionalityDatabase & Queries
3463WebFeatureNewNormalip address as fieldjmosshammerDatabase & Queries
4318WebFeatureNewNormalFiltering hosts by multiple hostgroups via OR and AND results in duplicate and empty outputDatabase & Queries
3238WebBugFeedbackNormalCannot save PNP frame as CronkCronks
4906WebBugNewNormalRestrict Host-/Servicegroups doesn't include subgroupsCronks
5585WebBugNewNormalinconsistent URL encoding of action_url and notes_url fieldsCronks
5971WebBugFeedbackNormalUncaught AppKitPHPError: PHP Error array_keys() StatusSummaryModel.class.php:257 AppKitExceptionHandler.class.php:52Cronks
3270WebFeatureNewNormalRefresh CountdownjmosshammerCronks
4323WebFeatureNewNormalFilter enhancement (incl. host_address filter, case insensitive, wildcards)Cronks
4784WebFeatureNewLowFeature request: parent host in Icinga-webCronks
4618WebBugFeedbackNormalrest api fail when service description have slash characterCommands
1542WebFeatureNewNormalUpgrade ExtJS to version 4Architecture
3453WebBugNewLowcustom category: unable to edit attributes
2485WebBugAssignedNormalrun command proposed time is client, not servermhein
2703WebBugFeedbackNormalNotification view still painfully slow
2758WebBugAssignedNormalOverwriting a default template with a extensions does not work with parameter widthmhein
3246WebBugNewNormalSet Cronks visible to all users fails
3332WebBugNewNormalBusinessProcess Cronk Fehlerbericht
4261WebBugFeedbackNormalNot all parents are shown at statusmap
4796WebBugFeedbackNormalServicegroup count wrongmhein
4907WebBugNewNormalignore user's local time

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