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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category
4559WebFeatureNewNormalAdd the possibility to filter with the column 'Status' in Cronk Service/Host History
5034WebBugNewNormalHost Status Overview - Viewing Host opens in the same Tab
5126WebBugNewNormalComment icon in grid not shown
5862WebBugNewNormalCheck output isn't html-escaped
6252WebBugNewNormalpending host or pending service no details shown in web gui
6297WebFeatureNewNormalDelete Downtime for Service Groups
6331WebBugNewNormalnotification view shows host-notification as type=service
6416WebBugNewNormalFilter for Status do not work in hostgroups and servicegroups view
6517WebBugNewNormalmodify /etc/icinga-web/conf.d/databases.xml from package icinga-web-pgsql-1.11.0-1.el6.noarch with psql defaults
6582WebBugNewNormalsso auth provider causing not null constraint violation w/ pgsql 'user_email' column
6860WebBugNewNormalicinga-web-module-pnp not working for hosts, only for services
7449WebFeatureNewNormalFilter Downtimes by author
7544WebBugNewNormalTypeError: dom is undefined
7583WebBugNewLowConsoleCommandModel is not able to append
9617WebBugNewNormalCharacter encoding problems with Umlauts in the Downtimes cronk
11551WebBugNewNormalcustomvar-based cronks load really slow
11830WebBugNewNormalDuplicate entries in history of service
8569Business ProcessBugAssignedNormalHandle collapsed state of multiple treestgelf
8570Business ProcessFeatureAssignedNormalGraphical process editortgelf
8573Business ProcessFeatureAssignedNormalBusiness Impact of single objects
8579Business ProcessBugAssignedNormalRe-organize links and parameterstgelf
8962Business ProcessFeatureAssignedNormalShow whether a business process has problems even if the process is in a non problem state in the grid viewtgelf
10315Business ProcessFeatureAssignedNormalImplement the NOT operatortgelf
10445Business ProcessBugAssignedNormalBusiness Process Modul is forwarding to dashboard view once a modification is madetgelf
10721Business ProcessBugAssignedNormalSet the hoststatus to critical in simulation mode results in an unknown hoststatustgelf

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