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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category
2859AgentFeatureNewNormalAgent: add nrpe-like checks to agent
4708AgentFeatureNewNormalAdd NSCA Compat Component
4865AgentFeatureNewNormaladd agent component
6036AgentBugNewNormalDon't run the Windows service as SYSTEMgunnarbeutner
3391Classic UIFeatureNewLowadd a different backend by using icinga2 api
5580Classic UIFeatureNewNormalcmd.cgi: hide the affected host/service list by defaultricardoCommands
4901Classic UIFeatureNewLowexpanding all macros in notes|action_urlInformation
5680Classic UIBugNewNormalStatus Map in Classic UI not showing configured statusmap_imageInterface
5900Classic UIFeatureNewLowAdding alias to title in host/service overviewricardoInterface
5965Classic UIFeatureNewLowAppend &sortoption=2&sorttype=1 to link to "service status detail" links or add sort options to cgi.cfgInterface
5886Classic UIBugNewNormalstatus.cgi fails in creative ways when sorting on "All Unhandled Problems"Status
5899CompatFeatureNewHighexport notification object in legacy interfacesdnsmichi
4856CoreBugNewLowDuplicated service in service groups when service is added via nested servicegroup
2919CoreFeatureNewNormalallow disabling notifications with expire time
3401CoreFeatureNewNormalFeature request: possibility to skip stalking notifications for hosts/services in downtime and/or ACKed
3445CoreFeatureNewNormaladd service parents
3724CoreFeatureNewLowicinga.spec: global macros for paths
4165CoreFeatureNewLowconfigure/make: add git short hash to version if built from git
3804CoreFeatureNewLowIcinga should set the locals for the checks
4517CoreFeatureNewLowicinga.spec: different handling of ido2db.cfg in idoutils-libdbi-* packages
4680CoreBugNewNormalEvent Handler processing does not seem to recognize $HOSTADDRESS$
4738CoreBugNewLowmake/make clean doesn't work on case-insensitive file systemsricardo
4224CoreBugNewLowservice object with multiple host_name entries of the same name does not generate errorConfiguration
4683CoreFeatureNewLowservicegroup exclusionsConfiguration
5273CoreFeatureNewNormalseperate icinga-config rpm (include additional main config in {icinga,ido2db}.cfg)Configuration

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