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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category
8727Business ProcessBugNewNormalAdd support for state "pending"
8569Business ProcessBugNewNormalHandle collapsed state of multiple trees
8570Business ProcessFeatureNewNormalGraphical process editor
8573Business ProcessFeatureNewNormalBusiness Impact of single objects
8576Business ProcessFeatureNewNormalProvide a friendly welcome page
8578Business ProcessFeatureNewNormalProvide an easy way to upload/download process definitionstgelf
8579Business ProcessBugNewNormalRe-organize links and parameters
8580Business ProcessBugNewNormalTry to base logic on "severity" from the monitoring module
8585Business ProcessFeatureNewNormalProvide a "database" storage
8586Business ProcessFeatureNewNormalAdd a config switch for external_info, disabled per default
8588Business ProcessFeatureNewNormalProcess views should be filterable
8589Business ProcessFeatureNewNormalIntroduce a new node type: FilteredObjectsNode
8591Business ProcessFeatureNewNormalProvide basic permissions
8718Business ProcessFeatureNewNormalExtend toplevel view, allow to show first two hierarchy levels at once
8819Business ProcessBugNewNormalFlickering Auto-Refresh removing row highlight
8854Business ProcessBugNewNormalAllow to use unstored unbound process node as child
9411Business ProcessFeatureNewNormalSort by display name
9786Business ProcessBugNewNormalImplement a loop detection
9821Business ProcessBugNewNormalBP / Modify this process / cant change name
9822Business ProcessFeatureNewNormalBP / add autocomplete
10372Business ProcessBugNewNormalUnbound Nodes & Co.
10494Business ProcessFeatureNewNormalUse Host/Service group objects as source data for hosts and services in process definitions
6227Core, Classic UI, IDOUtilsFeatureNewLowdo not send recovery mails in downtime window
7785Core, Classic UI, IDOUtilsBugNewNormalnext valid time on day of DST change when clocks go one hour backwards
4908Core, Classic UI, IDOUtilsFeatureNewNormalExtending Service/Host Acknowledge with expiration dateAcknowledgements

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